a journey

of prayer, support, & learning

We are pilgrims


here on this earth. This life is temporary, and we are on a journey to a final destination.

Peace lies in a path led by a good guide, and the steps we take tell our future and our life forever.

Are you looking for peace?

Are you hoping for love?

Do you fear the future?

In the pages ahead, we will see where peace comes from... it is found in a cross.

Let's say a prayer.


. . . "as I walk this pilgrim way"

Psalm 119:54 The Message

help for your walk with Christ


sojourning through life


ask for prayer and find new joy


A Scripture for You


Psalm 119:35

New Living Translation

Make me walk along the path of your commands,

for that is where my happiness is found.



In times of unrest, we need hope for the days ahead. Uncover God's plan for your life and find a way to peace.


Hope. Peace. Joy. for daily living


and guidance

learn more


the truth

come to the cross ~  Jesus is the way

come to the cross ~ Jesus is the way

the truth

Bear not a single care thyself,

One is too much for thee,

The work is Mine, and Mine alone,

Thy work—to rest in Me.



Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret / by Dr. & Mrs. Howard Taylor

sayings & quotes

 on a new path

Turn suffering into delight


Here is a study about going through the hard times in life. Do you ever feel hurt or alone? Or is someone you love suffering? See how something hard can turn into good as we look in the book of 2 Corinthians.

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Find your steps to Freedom

Look at these 7 simple steps to improve how you handle the daily walk and gain strength and courage to climb to the top.

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Learn about Trust

Who do we trust? How do we trust? Am I trustworthy? These are all questions that when answered give us confidence, purpose, and a plan. Come to this week-by-week opportunity of learning to help you overcome fear, distress, and even anger. You may be surprised how this simple word can transform your life. Trust.

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Stay inspired

There is hope.

You can find peace.


The future is secure.